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Celebrating 25 years in business, 1993-2018

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Norm Hulcher's marketing-related essays for attorneys and their ilk on:

  • social skills

  • cross-selling

  • client relations and client retention

  • prospecting

  • referral source development

  • delegating work

  • secretary supervision


Things They Never Taught You in Law School

Warm Receptions  Even you can have success at social events if you have the right attitude and can resist talking about yourself

Inside Job: Turning Clients into Referral Sources  A simple three-step habit can propel the growth of your law practice and elevate the quality of your client base

Cross-selling  Generate more work by focusing on what your clients need

Lunch Is on You  Buried in work? While business is booming, doing lunch may be your best chance to grow your practice

"No More Clients for You!"  Prospecting: Don’t let the Ethics Nazis deter you from building your practice

Attorney Marketing and the Bandwagon Effect  Expanding your client base may depend on how you answer people who ask, "How's it going?"

The Art of Error Recovery  When you make a mistake that puts a client behind the eight-ball, your appropriate response can salvage – and even strengthen – the client relationship

Quid Pro Quo  Turning other professionals into referral sources is a two-way street

Finding Time to "Market"  Create more marketing time via smart use of the initial consultation

First Impressions  Bad staff work can cause clients to loathe you even before you deserve it

Staff Infection  Your secretary can be a marketing asset or liability; it depends mostly on you

Employee Motivation: "... Not in Our Stars, but in Ourselves ..."  Motivation is not getting people to do what you want them to do. Motivation is getting people to want to do what you want them to do

Listen!  Some of us never learn because we understand so quickly

So What Do You Want? You can’t truly satisfy clients unless you satisfy their expectations

Shedding Your Excess Workload  Whether your motivation is altruism or greed, effective delegation is a must if you want to expand your firm, boost your income and preserve what’s left of your sanity

Back for More  For commercial litigators, getting repeat business requires paying attention to clients after the trial is over

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